How to import your videos from Youtube into Facebook through Networked Blogs

For some time I have been searching for how to export the videos that I upload into Facebook. Now the Youtube Upload location has a easy way of connecting to Facebook, and you might think that it will work; and it does, but only for importing your videos into your Facebook profile. If you have a Facebook Fan Page, then this functionality does not work. As a result, for me, the base functionality does not work. Then it struck me, there should be a simple way to get a RSS functionality for your Youtube videos, and then get this RSS feed to the Networked Blogs application to get to your Facebook Fan Page.
First question, how do you get a RSS feed for your Youtube Videos ? Well, you have this page (link) where you have multiple RSS feeds defined for your Youtube videos (catering to tags, full text searches, and users). In our case, we want to get users video feed, and hence the following link will work:
You need to replace the /youtube/ with the desired user name, in my case it will be /ashishagarwal1974/, so the full link will be:
http://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/base/users/ashishagarwal1974/uploads (Link A)

Now, how do we get this done ? Well, you go to Networked Blogs application in Facebook at this link (after you have logged into your profile) and add the above link (Link A) to the page along with other details.

Adding the RSS feed of the Youtube videos to Networked Blogs in Facebook

Once this is done, and you have moved ahead and claimed that you are the author of this blog, you will reach a page where you have to click on Feed Settings. If are already logged into Facebook, then it will show your Facebook Fan Page(s).

Pulling in your own Youtube video feed to your Facebook Fan Page through Networked Blogs

Select the desired Facebook Fan Page where you want to update the feed and click, and now your page is set to automatically pull in the Youtube videos. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that the frequency of updates to your Facebook fan Page is dependent on the number of Fans you have, and at any point of time, the Fan Page will only pull in 3 updates at a time.

Configuring the Networked Blogs feed to get added to your Facebook Fan Page

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