How to add a Facebook Fan Page Box onto your blog (WordPress, Blogger, others)

Facebook is now proving to be a big social networking tool, with a huge number of people spending time on Facebook. It should form an important part of your strategy to get more Facebook users to visit your Facebook Fan Page, and to interact over there. The ideal case is when people are really interested in the topics at hand and do a lot of interaction on the Facebook Fan Page. A link back to your page means that you get a lot more traffic from a new source. However, you need to ensure that your users have enough techniques and tools to easily sign up for your Fan Book. If you have a blog, you should invite your Blog readers to sign up for your Facebook Fan Page. I will give an example of how to setup your Facebook Fan Page on a blog called 5 Photo Tips (link).
Facebook provides many tools for people to enhance the value of their Fan Pages, with one way being through the use of their tools listed at the following page – Facebook Connect (link). This page gives you ways to extend the use of Facebook. At some later posts, we will explore what all we can do, today we are just interested in the use of this tool called Facebook Widgets (link) which are some existing tools to extent the Facebook Fan Box onto your Blogger account.
Once you see the “Fan Box” option on the following page, click on the option.

The Fan Box option on the Facebook Widgets page

Once you click on the Fan Box option, then you reach a page where you can select the required Fan Page (you should be logged in to your Facebook Profile for this to happen). If you have more than 1 Fan Page, then you can select the desired Fan Page through a combo box.

Selecting the desired Fan Page in the Fan Box Widget at Facebook

In case you have a Blogger account or a TypePad account, then there are already default buttons to select, but if you have a WordPress Account, then you need to select the third option “Other”. This provides the code in a small text box below the buttons that you can copy and paste into your WordPress account.

You can customize the options present on this page by referring the instructions at these page (link). You need to take this code and insert it into your site. The minimum width required for the Fan Box is 200px, and you should change the number of connections that can be viewed to 100 (the maximum; the default is 10).

Generating the code to insert a Facebook Fan Box onto your blog or site

Now you can log into your WordPress account, and add the copied code into the Widgets section. Once you log into your WordPress Account, go to the Appearance -> Widgets and then add a new “Text” widget and add the code, and you are done. You have the Facebook Fan Box in your own WordPress blog.

Adding the Facebook Fan Box code to WordPress Text Widget

You want to see the end result ? Go to http://5phototips.com/ and see the Fan Box at the right side of the page.

The Facebook Fan Box as seen on a WordPress Blog Page

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