Connecting your Google Blogger account and Amazon Affiliates

If you have a Blog hosted on Google’s Blogger network, and you blog about objects where it would be beneficial to sell products from Amazon, then you would know that it takes some to get the Amazon affiliate links into your blog. Consider a blog about Gadgets (called Ultra Cool Gadgets) that is hosted on Blogger. Since the blog is about Gadgets, it makes sense to also try to earn some money through posting products from Amazon, and letting readers follow those product links and buying needed products from Amazon. Once they do, you can earn some commission. Till now, it used to be that one would have to create a separate account on Amazon’s affiliate program and then create relevant links, and insert the code inside the post. Now, with the new integration, you can get this finding of the relevant products to be much more automated, available through Amazon’s Product Finder.
Learn more about this facility in these 2 posts (link 1, link 2). If you have a Blogger blog, but don’t have an Amazon affiliate account, you can now easily create this from within Blogger itself. Once you have an account and an Amazon tracking ID, you can get to the setting inside your Blogger account, and reach the screen below.

Adding the Amazon Product Finder to your Blogger blog setting

Once you have accepted this setting, you are now setup for the connection between your Blogger account, and your Amazon affiliate account.

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