Why set up a Facebook Fan page for promoting your blog ?

When I first heard of using Facebook as a marketing tool to promote a blog, it seemed so simple. I went ahead and created a profile for the relevant subject, and then used Twitterfeed to send automatic updates from my blogs to the relevant walls of the Facebook profiles. However, one issue kept on troubling me – since my profile is only available to my friends, how will it help in the promotion of my blog ? I started doing some more research on this, and found that it makes a lot more sense instead to setup a Fan Page for doing this promotion. So what are some of the benefits of using Fan Pages ?
1. As stated above, a profile is private information and is not indexed by search engines. Fan Pages are not behind a login, and are available through searches; so over a period of time, you will be able to get more users through search engine results.
2. The Fan Pages allow you to add some links and other text, and ensures that get some nice incoming links that should help in your search engine rankings. And of course, as your page becomes more popular, you will get more search engine visitors.
3. Building fans take focused strategy, but there are a lot of benefits once you get a number of fans. From a Fan Page, you can send messages to your fans, which is a great messaging vehicle.
4. Metrics. A Fan Page allows you to analyse your data metrics; once you start doing proper metrics analysis, you will realize the benefits you can get.
5. A Facebook profile has a limit on the number of friends you can have, but there are no limits on the Number of Fans you can have.
6. You can share the responsibility of doing the administration of your Fan Page by adding multiple administrators; very useful when you have a popular page
7. You can extend the functionality of these Pages through the use of applications – a number of them are already available, and you can create more for your own need. These include RSS Readers, a Video Player, and so on.
8. You can categorize a number of business / application features by adding them in the Boxes tabs, and make that your entry page.
9. Updates make it to the individual Fan news feed, thus giving you an enhanced reach, and starting to give you that viral approach, especially as you start moving towards point 11 below.
10. You get the same multimedia features as the profile features, and can add graphics and videos as you deem fit
11. Once you get enough fans, you will realize that they make the page self-sustaining, and you don’t have to do much to get the flow of conversation going. This is a great advantage of Fan Pages.

Hopefully this will point you to the advantages of creating a Fan Page. The next post will walk you through the process of creating such a Fan Page.

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