Using the Notes feature to import your blog into your Facebook Fan Page

Now you have your Notebook Fan Page and the need of the hour is to ensure that you have more content on this page. How do you do this ? There are many ways of generating content for your Fan Pages, such as:
– As your number of fans increase, they generate more content on their own, and eventually make the page self-sustainable
– You can add links of articles or other similar stuff that are similar to your subject (even if you don’t own those links), if you feel that the content is useful to your users
– And you can setup your blog such that blog contents are automatically updated to your Fan Page

Let us talk today about how to update your Fan Page to do this automatic posting, something that will save a lot of effort for you. But how do you make such a thing happen ? There are numerous ways of doing this, such as using the Notes feature of your Fan Page, using a service that takes your RSS post, or using the Facebook application called “Networked Blogs”. Today, this article will talk about how to use the Notes feature to directly import blog articles.
In a previous post, I had showed how to create a Fan Page (link), and the following page (Information about Health) was created. Now, the next step is to integrate blog posts from the Health blog (Good Health Tips) to it. The Facebook Fan Page Notes feature gives an easy way to get posts directly. Here are the steps:

1. Add the Notes tab to your Fan Page by selecting it. The “Notes” tab will get added to the list of tabs, and you are now ready for the next step.

How to add Notes (and Blog Posts) to your Fan Page, first step being to add Notes to the list of tabs

2. Click on the “Write a New Note” button, and you will get to the following page where there is a page that tells you how to write a note.

How to create a New Note on the Notes Tab - Click on the Button

3. Once you click on the button, then you get to this page which is a step in the whole process. You need to click on the Notes button in the top right button, just below the Settings text.

Clicking on the Notes button in the Notes tab in a Facebook Fan Page

4. You have reached the actual place where you can now set your blog settings. Click on the “Import a Blog” link, and you are almost done.

The Import a Blog option in the notes interface of a Facebook Fan Page

5. Enter the URL of your blog and check the box which asks whether you are allowed to get the content of your blog. Now click on the “Start Importing” button.

Entering your blog details and URL in the Import a Blog option in Facebook Fan Page notes

6. Once you can see a preview of your blog, then click on the “Confirm Import” button, and you are done. Now your posts will be automatically imported.

Seeing a preview of your blog import along with Confirm Import of your blog contents

The only problem that I see with using the Notes feature to import Blog posts is that it does not bring in any images or videos that are present on the blog. If you use the Networked Blogs application, then it does import thumbnails of photos as well as videos, and I will cover this topic in future posts.

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