Uisng Google Friend Connect to share to Twitter and Facebook

In today’s world, it has become pretty important to ensure that if you want your website to get promoted and get more readers, you cannot just depend on adding content to your site (even if the content is very rich and useful) to get more readers. You need to be proactive, and add tools and mechanisms to make your site reach more people; and in this perspective, the concept of viral marketing is very important. Viral marketing means that your readers are doing the promotion for you, and people will do that if:
– they find your content appealing and worthy of sharing
– they have the tools to share the content easily from your site
Now, how do you do this sharing ? You can share through various sharing mechanisms such as “Addit”, through links that provide the facility to send email to anybody else, and through sharing to various social Networking sites. Now, Google is also providing a set of tools called “Google Friend Connect”, and you can leverage these tools to engage the visitors to your site, allow more sharing, and eventually increase the number of readers to your site.

Read more about the “Share It” gadget on this page (link)
If your blog is on Google’s Blogger service, then read the instructions given at this page for installing this gadget (link)

However, if your site is not a Google Blogger hosted site, then you would need to do some further steps such as registering your site on the Friend Connect site as well as add a couple of files to your site (complete set of instructions here)

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