Learn more about hardening WordPress at Codex

As part of a security policy for your WordPress installation, you should learn about hardening of the installation. The Hardening WordPress page at the Codex (link) contains a lot of information about how to harden your installation, getting rid of security risks and making your blog more secure. The entire process is geared towards not only increasing the security of your WordPress, but also ensuring that you have a regular backup, as also to increase the number of security compartments in your installation such that even if you have a security breach, you are able to prevent the attacker from going through your entire installation.
The process starts with ensuring that the computer from which you operate your account remotely is secure, free from viruses and other security risks; that the host which runs your site can be trusted to deploy the latest patches and other such updates; using a more secure network connection to the admin section of your blog and being careful about where all you sit down to administer your network from; having a good and safe password; locking down your file permissions.
The page also explains about ensuring that your wp-admin folder is properly protected, including adding a second level of protection; it is also important to protect your wp-config file.

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