Instructions for creating a Facebook Fan Page

In previous posts, I had talked about the need to use Facebook as a blog promotion tool (link), as well as the benefits of having such a Fan Page (as opposed to using your own personal profile) (link). And in the last post, I had promised to detail the instructions for how to create a Fan Page of your own, along with screenshots. So let’s start on the journey:
1. You need to have a Facebook account of your own. If you don’t have one, then it is fairly easy to create one. Go to http://www.facebook.com and click on Sign Up.

Facebook Login and Sign Up Page Image

2. Login into your Facebook profile, and click on this icon in the bottom left hand side.

The link to Ads and Pages at the bottom left of the Facebook profile

3. Click on this link.This will launch a page where you see an interface for Pages and Ads. Click on the Pages link so that you can now create a new Page.

The option of Ads Manager and Pages near the top of the page

Then you need to click on the “+Create Page” link. This will open the interface for creating a new page.

How to create a new Fan Page - the create Page button

4. Once you click on the button, you get to a page where you can select the category, such as whether this represents a local business, or an important personality, or some Brand or Organization. Select this option, and select Website under this category. Add the name of the page. Suppose you want to create a Fan Page for a website on health that you have. In my case, I do it for this site (http://www.good-health-tips.com/) and enter the name of ‘Information about health’. Then select the option of ‘Create Page’.

Selecting the proper category for creating the Fan Page for a Website

5. And your new Fan Page is created. One thing you should do is to click on the ‘Become a Fan’ button, as well as click on the ‘Settings’ button to enable Fans to also post to the page. And once you have created a Fan Page, you will need to take the next step of promoting your Fan Page, and setup a process for importing the contents of your blog. I will outline the steps for this in the next page.

Created copy of a New Facebook Fan Page

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