How to use Facebook to promote your blog ?

Let me state at the outset; if you are thinking about using Facebook to promote your blog / site, then it has been quite some time since people have latched onto this strategy. However, like other tools, a first mover advantage can only take you so far. If you have the right techniques, then Facebook can help you immensely in making sure that your blog gets a good amount of promotion.
Let us enumerate the reasons as to why you should have a Facebook page (a Fan Page, and not a profile – if you did not understand, you would need to wait for the next post to learn more), as well as some tips to get more out of your Facebook page.
1. A large number of your blog readers (unless they are out of the technologically aware age) would have profiles on Facebook, and a number of them would also be searching for information about their interests, including searching on Facebook. If interested readers subscribe to your blog, they would also be doing the same to your Facebook page.
2. Facebook has a huge number of active users (upwards of hundred million) and is probably the most popular social networking tool; use it like a social networking tool, make useful information available
3. In terms of promotion, ensure that your blog information is properly added to the side of your page, and Facebook information is added to your blog. In your Facebook page, you can add information from other blogs that you think is useful to your viewers (while ensuring that you have a proper link to where you are pulling the extract from) and this ensures that you get more viewers.
4. Search for 3rd party applications to add to your Facebook page. There are a number of such applications available such as RSS aggregators and others that provide some values that your viewers will appreciate.
5. Look for relevant groups on Facebook, and add your Facebook page to these groups if they are relevant, and provide useful information in these groups. This gets more people to visit your page.
6. Attach your Facebook page as a signature on your emails, since this helps in getting more people to visit your site.
7. Link your Twitter and Facebook accounts, and Facebook provides an app to update your Twitter account. This gives your convenience, and also provides your Twitter users with a way to connect to your Facebook account.
8. Networked Blogs (an application on Facebook) gives you the ability to add your Blog details into Facebook, and if people are able to locate your blog and find it useful, they would sign up for getting updates from your blog.

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