Hosting your videos on other sites to speed up your own site

As a part of the process of optimization and enhancing the speed of your website, you should look to see what are some of the major media content that you can offload. Serving video files off your server can be heavier than serving plain vanilla HTML files and take far more bandwidth; and if you reach the stage where a number of people want to view the videos that you are showing, they can put a higher amount of load on your server.
One option that you can utilize is to use a video-sharing site where you can put your videos, and display the video from that site. Youtube is a very good example of such a sharing site and is a very good platform for putting your videos (it has some restrictions though, in terms of the maximum size of videos your can put, as well as the time duration of not more than 10 minute long videos).
So, take your video, get a Youtube / Gmail account, and upload your video. When your video is uploaded, you can also get a code that allows you to embed the video in your own site, and when the user views the site, they video is directly played from Youtube, and not from your site, thus optimizing your site. The plus for this is that Youtube has a lot of viewers, and if you add some site information to the video, this could in turn drive some people to your own site, people who have viewed the video directly on Youtube.

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