Having multiple accounts on Twitter with one email ID

I used to have one Twitter account (my account) where I would post all my updates, even though these updates were on widely different topics. It seemed a bit strange to not have different twitter accounts for all this, but there is a overhead associated with opening different email accounts (since Twitter does not allow multiple accounts with one email ID); there must be a simpler way of doing this.
And then I discovered the way of doing so, and this is a technique that has already been there and being used for some time. The requirement for this is that you need to have a Gmail account. But what does having a Gmail account do ? Well, Twitter takes an ordinary email account such as ashishxyz@gmail.com as distinct from ashish.xyz@gmail.com while Gmail considers both of them to be valid, and pointing to the same email account.
So, now it is simple. You should do the following steps in case you decide not to use a Twitter specific tool such as Twitterfeed:
1. Calculate the number of different Twitter accounts you need
2. Start using the (.) in different parts of the email account, and create multiple Twitter accounts one by one
3. From your mail Twitter account, follow the other Twitter accounts so that you can quickly see any updates and progress on those accounts.
Of course, I am still searching for a tool that will help in doing this in a much easier way.

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