Google Webmasters tool to help with speed optimization of your blog

The Google Webmasters tools are a very useful resource for ensuring that your site is properly indexed in Google search; what errors your page may be showing to the GoogleBot, which of the tags are more important for your site, and so on. If you do an extensive research of the Webmasters tools along with Google Analytics, you can get a huge amount of insight about what is popular on your blog, what do people come to see, how long do they stay there, and so on. You can add sitemaps
However, at the same time, Google has been looking to expand the set of tools that it offers users, and this enhancement can be pretty useful. Google has launched something called “Site Performance”, a set of tools that provides information about the speed levels of your blog, and how you can possibly make it faster. And you know some of the advantages of making your site faster:
1. Leads to increased user retention, makes them spend more time on the site
2. People who are randomly surfing will not spend time on a blog that takes too long to load
3. People on a slower connection will find it hard to read your blog
So what does Google Webmasters tools offer you ?
Well, if you refer to this post (link), you get:

On Site Performance, you’ll find how fast your pages load, how they’ve fared over time, how your site’s load time compares to that of other sites, examples of specific pages and their actual page load times, and Page Speed suggestions that can help reduce user-perceived latency. Our goal is to bring you specific and actionable speed information backed by data, so stay tuned for more of this in the future.

Google used the Google Toobar for collecting all the information (from those users who allow capturing additional information), and this also requires that you have a certain amount of visitors already to your blog.

And here’s a link that gives you more detail.

By using data from Google Toolbar users, you don’t have to worry about us testing your site from a location that your users do not use. For example, if your site is in Germany and all your users are in Germany, the chart will reflect the load time as seen in Germany. Similarly, if your users mostly use dial-up connections (or high-speed broadband), that would be reflected in these numbers as well. If only a few visitors of your site use the Google Toolbar, we may not be able to show this data in Webmaster Tools.
As the page load times are based on actual accesses made by your users, it’s possible that it includes pages which are disallowed from crawling. While Googlebot will not be able to crawl disallowed pages, they may be a significant part of your site’s user experience.

It is recommended that you try this service out, you might get some ideas around improving the performance of your site.

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