Using Networked Blogs to add content to your Facebook Fan Page

Once you have setup your Facebook Fan Page, you would want to ensure that you have a constant stream of articles, tips and other information flowing into your Page so that your fans get stuff that is interesting to read. An important way of doing this is to ensure that you are able to get […]

Uisng Google Friend Connect to share to Twitter and Facebook

In today’s world, it has become pretty important to ensure that if you want your website to get promoted and get more readers, you cannot just depend on adding content to your site (even if the content is very rich and useful) to get more readers. You need to be proactive, and add tools and […]

Cross-domain content duplication

It is pretty well known that content duplication is a problem in terms of search engine penalties. I used to search a lot about whether having the same content on multiple sites was a problem, and there was conflicting information on different sites about whether this is a problem or not. I initially read on […]

Using Yahoo! YSlow to analyze web pages for performance (and more tips)

Improving the speed of your pages is normally pretty critical. If your pages are slow to load, then people quickly switch over, and even viewers who find the information on your pages useful tend to hesitate to come to your page more often; as for casual viewers, you can be pretty sure that they will […]