WordPress security tips (part 8) – Plugins to secure your blog

In continuance of an exploration of a series of articles that explore how to increase the security level of your WordPress blog, I will be presenting information on 2 more plugins in this post. These deal with increasing the security level of the Admin section of your blog (very important) through the use of SSL; this increases the security of the connection between your client and the Admin section of your blog by adding a higher level of encryption for the transmission of information (thus ensuring that it is more difficult to intercept this password).

Admin SSL:
This plugin enhances the security level of the admin and wordpress login pages. Read more at this link.

– Supports All SSL Setups (Private and Shared)
– Encrypts cookie contents
– Compatible with all versions of PHP 4 and 5
– Easy to install (1 file uploaded)

Force SSL Plugin:
This plugin ensures a much higher level of security for your entire blog, forcing your users to use SSL. However, you will need to get a certificate for your blog, and that can be somewhat expensive, from a 3rd party certificate provider. This method ensures that your interaction between the client and the server is free of interception.

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