WordPress security tips (part 6) – Plugins to secure your blog

As a continuation of the series of posts that would help in securing your WordPress blog, here is a link to 2 more plugins that either help to control registrations done by Bots, or have small incremental steps that make WordPress more secure (by changing the amount of information that is exposed through the workflows, removing directory browsing, and other similar measures). Here are these 2 plugins:

Sabre – Simple Anti Bot Registration Engine.
This plugin helps in restricting the ability of spam registrations on your blog, when you have allowed visitors to register on your site. Read more on this link.

List of available features:
Inclusion of a captcha in the registration form
Selection of the captcha’s complexity
Selection of the background colour for the captcha image
Inclusion of a math test in the registration form
Selection of the math test’s complexity
Random or fixed choice of the test to run .. (and more)

Secure WordPress
This plugin does small incremental steps that go towards making WordPress more secure. Read more about this plugin at this link.

– removes error-information on login-page
– adds index.html to plugin-directory (virtual)
– removes the wp-version, except in admin-area
– removes Really Simple Discovery
– removes Windows Live Writer

And the site has more information

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