WordPress security tips (part 4) – WordPress Guard Plugin

Part of guarding your WordPress Installation is by adding an extra layer of security around your Admin area; and you can bet that a number of people do not even think about the Admin area being a vulnerable area in terms of security. Fortunately, WordPress has an extensible plugin structure that allows users to extend its functionality, just like this security plugin – the ‘WordPress Guard Plugin’ does. This is a plugin created by Angsuman, who has created many other WordPress Plugins. This Plugin can be downloaded from this location (link), and you can get Readme, Installation Instructions, etc from this location.
What does the Plugin claim ?

Angsuman’s WordPress Guard Plugin gives you an extra layer of protection over the usual authentication in WordPress? login page. If you try to enter the administrator panel, you will be prompted for an username and password even before you can access the wp login page or any other page in the admin panel. This protects against known as well as yet unknown vulnerabilities in WordPress administration scripts.

Of course, just getting a Plugin is not enough; if you are a serious user of WordPress and have an active blog, then it makes sense for you to protect your blog against attack.

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