WordPress security tips (part 2) – Keep your blog secure

There are some excellent resources available on how to keep your WordPress installation secure. One of these resources is one called “WordPress Security Whitepaper”, and is available in the form of a PDF that one can read and then implement the desired solution (link to page).
Now, even though this is a report that is updated last on April 2008, there is still a lot of information available on the site that will be of use to you. However, keep in mind that usage of these tips are more relevant to those people who are more technically oriented, but even if you are not confident enough to make these changes yourself, you should still read the whitepaper if you own a WordPress Blog.
Some of the contents of the whitepaper are:
“Create a new limited access user 7
Hardening your WP Install 9
Restricting wp-content & wp-includes 9
Restricting wp-admin 9
Block all except your IP 9
Password Required – .htpasswd 10
The .htaccess file 10
The .htpasswd file 10
Blog Encryption 12”
For reading the report, you will have to go the site (link)

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