WordPress security tips (part 1) – Keep your blog secure

There are a lot of steps you can take to keep your WordPress installation secure, but the number one step you need to take is to make sure that you will need to spend some time on a regular basis. You need to keep upto date with information that floats around on the internet, as well as search for such information. This may seem less important if you have an unimportant blog, but as your blog becomes more popular, it will become more important for you and will also become the target for more hackers. Hence, you need to invest the time to learn more about how to make your WordPress installation more secure. Based on what I have learned over the past some years, I have a series of articles in which I write about to make WordPress more secure, but I will keep each article fairly short rather than posting one long article:
1. Make sure that your WordPress installation is updated. When you log into your self-hosted WordPress account, in the dashboard you will see your current version number as well as whether you need to update your account. New WordPress versions also include fixes for security problems that keep on getting discovered, and it makes sense for you to make sure that your blog becomes less vulnerable by adopting the latest version.
2. Keep upto date with what is happening on the WordPress site in terms of security. The location to check up is http://wordpress.org/development/category/security/. You can have a feed for the WordPress Development site at this location (link).

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