Use good fresh content or informative comments to increase your blog popularity

When you are a struggling blogger, the temptation is immense to somehow get the top level bloggers to endorse your blog. As a result, what people do is to write to these top level bloggers or put comments in their posts to the effect ‘Can you exchange links with me’, somehow expecting that they will easily get a link on the other person’s blog, and see their visitors and Page Rank zoom. I know a few people who easily expect this to happen, and are very disappointed when they do not get a response from the other side. Think about this a bit, if you are a top level blogger, why will you (whose blog does not get many visits, and has a low PageRank) get a link from somebody who already has a number of people visiting them; isn’t it far easier for your comment to be deleted and your email to be ignored. Instead, you should focus on a different strategy – focus on seeing how you can add value to somebody else’s blog. Even a top level blogger is interested in fresh content, and if you are able to generate some good content that is not a re-hash of existing work, then you can write to the blogger with a brief of your content, and you might even be able to get a guest post on the important blog, with backlinks to your blog.
As for leaving comments on somebody else’s blog, don’t leave comments asking for link exchanges (unless the other person has a blog with a similar or slightly higher ranking, others will refuse). Instead, when you read somebody else’s post, make sure that your comment is informative, or can challenge the position, or something that will attract the other reader of the blog. In this, you can insert a link to a post or to your own blog, as long as the content is informative.

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