Promoting your photo blog – Unique content helps, but need to put in more effort

How do you promote your photo blog ? Well, everybody will tell you that you need to have content (good, original content that interests your readers), and that is true. There is nothing to beat content. However, just having content is not enough. You need to do additional stuff if you want your blog to be seen by people, your photos admired, and if you have ads or do some affiliate work, then you need to take effort to get your photo blog make some money for you. Here are some of the tips that could help you in this regard:
1. Get good content that interests your readers. These should be photos that drive people to come again, or to forward to friends and family. Make sure your photos are technically sound, and free of major defects.
2. See whether the photos you post can meet a certain niche. For example, I was looking at a blog that was posting only macro photos of insects, another was posting photos of a technique where the camera is thrown in the air while the shutter is open (producing some very interesting photos). Explore whether your interests can form a niche.
3. Make sure that there is some text next to your photos, and the ‘alt’ tag on your photos are always filled out. Search engines cannot read a photo in terms of figuring out what the content of a photo is, and the text is what the search engines read.
4. Use Google Webmasters (link) to verify your site, and create a Sitemap (link) so that Google Search gets updated when you post a new photo. This process can be very useful for generating more traffic to your site from Google Search.
5. A warning: The Google Adsense Program policies prohibit anybody from putting ads to the left or right of a photo, since this could result in users being mislead about the ads being a explanation of the photo. Be careful to avoid this, and instead post your ads in such a manner that Google would not consider that misleading.
6. Post your Photo Blog to photo directories, major search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, Altavista, and to directories such as Dmoz. Look for Blogrings that could help in promoting your site, and sending more traffic to you.
7. Use Social Networking Plugins such as Posting to Facebook, Twitter, etc, to give your users a chance to promote your photos if they like such photos. However, be careful, since if you go overboard, users are likely to go overboard. The best way is to provide such tools right after a post, and not flood the whole page with such options.
8. Make sure your users are able to get access to feeds (RSS as well as email) so that they have the option of receiving regular updates from you.
9. Review your site traffic using your site tracking meters as well as specialist tools such as Google Analytics to analyze your traffic. For example, if you find that a major percentage of your users are finding you based on one particular search, you might want to post more in that area.
10. If you want to sell stuff from your site or have joined with Affiliate Programs, then look for relevant stuff to sell. So, if you photos are mostly travel, then put ads for travel related stuff such as holiday packages, maps, travel gears, offers, etc.

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