Promoting your Photo Blog (contd..)

An earlier post covered some tips for promoting a photo blog. This post covers some more tips that I learned while researching this topic of trying to promote a photo blog.
1. Ensure that your site does not have a robots.txt file that could prevent the search engine crawlers from indexing your site
2. Ensure that some keywords are there in the ‘alt’ description for the image file. At the same time, do not go overboard.
3. It has been found that if you change the filename of your file (from the filename generated by cameras) to something more descriptive, it has a beneficial effect on your images being indexed by Google Image search.
4. This tip is more about using Adsense to determine how Google is using your image. If you place an Adsense ad near your images (not to the right or left though), then the Ad gives you an idea of the keywords that are getting associated with your image. You may need to experiment with the text near the image as well as the text on the ‘alt’ tags so that you finally find the correct keyword association.
5. If you want to determine how Google Image search is indexing your site, there is an easy way. You should go to www.google.com/images, and then search for your site by typing ‘site:www.yoursitename.com. The results will tell you as to how Google Image is indexing your site.
6. If you need to determine whether the Google Image Bot is visiting your site, then check whether your site visitors contains this piece of text:
This determines whether your site is visited by the Google Images search engine
7. The larger the image, the more time it takes for people to download your images, and makes it more difficult. Instead, keep your images of a regular size with the maximum dimension of either 1024 or 1200
8. If you place the image on a page that has a high PR rank, the image is likely to place higher in image search

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