Promote your site by using StumbleUpon buttons

StumbleUpon is a great site for increasing the number of readers on your site as well as the number of casual visitors. And when I say casual visitors, I mean casual visitors. A huge chunk of the visitors you get from StumbleUpon are what we call the fickle visitors; they will come to your site with a short attention span. If any of your articles gets StumbledUpon, then you can assume that you will a huge spurt of the number in visitors, along with an increase in the number of people subscribed to your blog. After that, it is upon you to determine whether you can convert some of these visitors to more long term.
Your blog needs to be:
– More attractive and eye-catching
– Have information presented in an easy to read way
– The ads should be tastefully blended and not annoying
In fact, you should put yourself in the average StumbleUpon visitors point of view by first viewing other blogs through the StumbleUpon toolbar, marking other people articles and then studying your own habits. That will help you determine what you need to do in order to ensure that a larger percentage of your own visitors are sticky. If it turns out that you are only self-promoting your own articles without contributing to the community, it is fairly likely that you will get banned. A swap ratio of recommending 15-20 articles of other people to 1 of your own is a healthy swap ratio.
At the same time, you should ensure that people are easily able to recommend your sites through the StumbleUpon site, and for that you can pick up any of the buttons from this site (link), and then put this button your site. If your readers find any of your articles interesting, they will send the article off to be StumbledUpon. At the link above, you get a choice of icons as well as the ability to select your blogging platform so that you can get the required code, ready to put on your site.

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