Posting to your Blogger account from iGoogle as well as from Gmail

How to post to your Blogger account from the convenience of your iGoogle account or from your Gmail account. For those people who use their iGoogle account to a large degree, or are dependent on their Gmail accounts, this ability to post directly to their Blogger account can seem fairly useful.
Consider the following workflow – you are reading something in your Gmail account (with the same login as your Blogger account), and find a subject that you want to blog about. It does not take long to open your open Blogger account, but it can be incredibly easy to just have a plugin available in your Gmail account. From this Blogger Posting gadget, all you need to do is to select your blog (if you have multiple blogs), and then add your content, and you even get the ability to add labels for the post.
Read about the steps to add your Blogger account gadget to your iGoogle or Gmail account (link to post)

– The gadget supports editing the HTML of title and body.
– If you start writing a post and decide you want to upload images or use other rich text features, just click “Save Draft”. The gadget will save your post, then give you a link to directly edit the post in Blogger.
– The gadget works in Firefox, Chrome, Safari 3, Internet Explorer and on the iPhone.

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