Photo Blog promotion – post to search engines and photo directories

In the previous post, I had mentioned some tips on how to promote your photo blog. One of the good ways to promote your photo blog is to post to important search engines and to other photo directories. Now, you can find many such photo directories on the net to post to, the list below is the one that I am using to add my photo blogs. Your mileage can vary, and in some cases, you may have some specialized photo directories (such as if you are having a lot of photos of the Netherlands, you would also have some photo directories that specialized on the Netherlands).
Well, here are some of the directories and search engines to post to. For search engines, all the research I have done indicates that there is no special way to submit to the Image search, you need to submit to the generic search.

Google Search (link)

Bing Search (link)

Yahoo Search Submit (link)

You can use Free Submission Websites that submit to multiple search engines, such as Submit Express (link). However, nowadays search engines can easily find your sites, and do not really like these bulk submission programmes.

Yahoo Media Search (link)

Dmoz.org (link)

Alltop.com (link)


Photography and Photographers (link)

Photo Clicks Pro (link)

Free Photo Gallery (link). Select the required directory, and submit from there.

PhotoLinks (link)

Blogged.com (link)

Photography Directory Project (link)

PhotographersIndex.com (link). For photographers.

Photography Homepages (link)

International Photo Gallery Project (link)

All Things Photo.com (link)

Library of Photography (link)

Photo200.com (link)

http://www.directory.hickerphoto.com/ (link)

Photo.net (link)

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