Optimization of Gallery2 – A photo album

Gallery2, located at this site, is a fairly useful and customizable photo album organizer. Gallery2 would be available at most hosting companies (for example, in my case, I host a Gallery2 installation, http://ashisha.com/gallery, which contains upwards of 4400 photos, and is hosted at HostMonster). The Gallery 2 provides a fairly customizable interface with many modules, the ability to link to some ecommerce transactions such as online printing solutions, multiple ways to upload photo to the site, and interface to CMS such as Joomla.
There are many users of Gallery2, given the advantages it offers. As with many other solutions, there are multiple ways to optimize the usage of Gallery2. Some of these methods and tools are:

FAQ for Gallery (how to reset your password, things not working, etc) – Link1, Link1

Moving Gallery2 installation from one server to another (link)

Performance Tips for Gallery2 (link)

Security Tips for Gallery2 (link)

ACL performance for Gallery2 (link)

Scalability of Gallery2 (link)

Using Gallery2 with Amazon’s S3 service (link)

Add Adsense to Gallery2 (link)

How To’s for Gallery2 (link)

Thirteen Ways To Add SEO To Gallery2 (link)

Gallery2 and SEO – Tips and suggestions (link)

Money making Gallery2 site (link)

Show your Gallery with Google AdSense (link)

Gallery 2 Optimization for Google Images search (link)

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  • I’ve added adsense code to my gallery2 website, for the past one year my earning is stable i don’t make more than 5$ per day. I’ve tried various tips, color combination, ad position etc… nothing works… if you build traffic that only revenew increases.

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