More FeedBurner options – More flares

The last post talked about tweaking the FeedFlare options in your FeedBurner account to enable the options of posting to various Social Networking and other such sites in your feeds (if your users are impressed with the content, they can post your articles, and this will help in the growth of your page). The default FeedFlare options available with FeedBurner are limited, but you can extend this facility, since there is an option right there in the page for you to do so.
If you want to know more about what the FeedFlare can do, then read the official Google FAQ on FeedFlare (link)

FeedFlare changes the dynamic of how users interact with an RSS feed. Rather than just read content from a feed, subscribers can now take direct actions, such as being able to forward or save an item. In addition, publishers have long needed a way to tie their feed content back to their website, creating more of a community while maintaining a constant thread and connection to their content throughout syndication.

The FeedFlare page itself provides options fr how to extend the FeedFlare functionality through 2 options mentioned on the page – “Browse the Catalog” or “101 FeedFlare Ideas”
In addition, if you want to quickly add the following feeds, then use the following:
Reddit: http://dmiessler.com/feedflare/reddit.xml
For Twitter: http://www.feedburner.com/fb/static/flareunits/twitthis.xml

Just don’t fill your feed with too many options, it may irritate your readers.

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