Learning how to use the Google Webmasters Tool

The Google Webmasters Tool is a very useful tool for webmasters eager to ensure that their sites are quickly indexed by the Google Search Engine, that new posts / content is quickly indexed by the GoogleBot, and overall, their posts have a much higher ranking in the search engine. Now, using the Google Webmasters tool does not guarantee a higher ranking, but it does ensure that your content is available in the Google Search database, and new content is quickly added to the search database. Now that you know the advantages, how do you actually go about using the Google Webmasters tool ? If you are an advanced user, then you already know how to use the Tool. However, if you have heard about the benefits of the Google Webmaster package, then things may be a bit confusing for you.
Once you start using the Webmaster tools, they will be pretty clear. At the same time, Google has also defined a checklist that users of the Webmaster tool should use (link to checklist). Here some excerpts from this page, and you should really also go to the page and read in more detail:

To Google, http://example.com and http://www.example.com are completely different sites and can display completely different content. You can avoid potential problems (and get a better view of your data) by specifying your preferred domain. (Make sure you’ve added each version of your site to your account.)
Adding a Sitemap is optional, but we strongly recommend it. Sitemaps are a great way to tell Google about the pages you own, and how often they are updated or changed.

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