Learn about using Google Webmaster Tools from the official Youtube channel

The Google Webmasters is a great resource for learning more about how to optimize your site. Visit this site (link) to learn much more. The Webmasters Tools are an invaluable set of tools that will help you optimize your Google experience, which includes easier indexation of your page and its contents with Google Search. You will learn how to add your site to the list of tools, as well as how to add a sitemap such that Google will be easily able to learn about updates of your site.
If you want to learn more about how to use Google’s Webmaster Tools, then there is no better way than to learn from the Webmasters Youtube Channel, located at this location (link). Some of the more common queries are:

Should I expect increased traffic if I optimize my images?

Webmaster Central and Best Practices – Adam Lasnik – Google India SearchMasters ’09

And many more ..

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