Don’t misuse Twitter when using it for promotion

Twitter makes a great platform for getting new users to your blog. You can get a number of people to join your blog through a mechanism of following people in a similar line, as well as through writing short succinct Twitter updates (for more ways to use Twitter effectively, be sure to read the following blog – TwiTip.com).
Imagine the theory – all you need to do is get to a number of followers, and they will automatically get an update when you post a new Twitter update. However, it becomes far less simple after this point. Just because you have a number of followers does not mean that you will automatically get people coming to your blog from those posts – in many cases, the followers are not genuine. Getting followers who are genuine is far more difficult. And in many cases, it is the person posting on Twitter who is to blame. If you are writing genuine content, and posting short witty succinct posts to Twitter, then you will slowly start building up more dedicated users.
You could get more followers by following a number of people, and in many cases, there are software that automatically follows people who follow you. However, just because you have 10,000 followers does not mean that they are good. The strategy you need to follow is to follow only those people whose content you are really interested in, and then, if your content is genuine, then they will also follow you. However, and it is really important, do not share only for volume, share only that which would be interesting to somebody else.

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