WordPress security tips (part 8) – Plugins to secure your blog

In continuance of an exploration of a series of articles that explore how to increase the security level of your WordPress blog, I will be presenting information on 2 more plugins in this post. These deal with increasing the security level of the Admin section of your blog (very important) through the use of SSL; […]

WordPress security tips (part 7) – Plugins to secure your blog

In the search to find more ways to secure your WordPress blog, using Plugins to ensure that you can increase the security level of your blog should form an important part of your strategy. These plugins can help in working through various needs that you may have, whether it is for fixing some flaws you […]

WordPress security tips (part 6) – Plugins to secure your blog

As a continuation of the series of posts that would help in securing your WordPress blog, here is a link to 2 more plugins that either help to control registrations done by Bots, or have small incremental steps that make WordPress more secure (by changing the amount of information that is exposed through the workflows, […]