Using WP CopyProtect to protect your content

Start with a fundamental fact. If somebody is determined to steal your content, no amount of protection will prevent them from being able to take your content. However, not everybody is so determined or technically aware that they can break your protection and copy your content. So if you want to save your content from those people who are looking for relevant content to copy, and are fine with a first level of protection that dissuades the casual blogger, then you should consider the use of this WordPress Plugin – ‘WP CopyProtect’. What this plugin does is to prevent people from being able to select sections of your content to copy, and also prevents people from using the Right-Click menu to do the copying.
Location of the site (link) for reading more and downloading:
From the site:

Many bloggers are facing the problem of content theft. Content theft is a really serious problem, and it must be dealt with. We bloggers write our posts using much effort, and “Copy Cats” simply copy our content without our permission, and without attribution.
That’s why I developed a simple, but powerful, plug-in which will protect your digitally-written work on your blogs. This plug-in is based on the technique of “Disabling right-click” and “No text selection” scripts.

The issues with this plugin:
1. Many people do not prefer sites to disable right-click and get irritated
2. These are basic levels of protection and can be circumvented

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