Stop Plagiarism: Find the name of the hosting provider

Let us consider that you have managed to detect that somebody is copying your content (either by directly taking the content from your blog, or by reading the content from your feed). Now, you need to take steps to get them to stop doing this hosting, or atleast start a discussion with them, so that you can decide on next steps (whether they will change their method of copying so that it meets with your approval, and gives you a link back to your blog, getting you some more traffic).
Now, consider that you are not able to get in touch with the owners of the other blog since they do not have contact details, and sending emails to addresses such as admin@ or owner@, etc do not get a response. This gets you more determined to actually try and get the other blog to take down your content, and you need to work out a way to do so. One way of escalation is to contact the hosting company of the other site to inform that they are hosting content that may be copyrighted, and they should stop hosting all such content. Now, hosting companies normally have policies regarding copyrighted content (it helps that legally a hosting company can be held not responsible for copyrighted content if they have been shown to have taken some action when it has been pointed out to them).
Now, how do you actually detect the hosting company for the other site. Well, a simple solution is to use this site called http://www.whoishostingthis.com/. You just enter the name of the other site that you want to report, and WhoIsHostingThis will provide you with the name of the hosting service. It works, since I tried out a few other sites.
From the site:

Are your hosting results 100% accurate?
As far as we know, there is no way to provide 100% accurate results. However, we use several data sources to find out who is hosting a website, including feedback from users. You can help by reporting bad results for us to investigate.

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