Stop Plagiarism: Add backlinks to your content feed

RSS feeds give a very easy to get your content up on other sites. Not a very good thing, given that a person looking to get some quick (and steal some content written after a lot of effort) content up on their site would just need to subscribe to your content, and then use this feed (through a plugin) to get this content up on their site. It is very easy to setup a plugin that will take this content from a RSS feed, and automatically get this content up on their site.
Now, there are many reasons as to why you want to not restrict your RSS feed to provide only a summary. If you do restrict your RSS feed to only have a short summary, then it will help in your battle against people who are copying your content, but think of the other implications on your regular readers. There are people who prefer to read content directly through their RSS readers, and you need to evaluate whether you want to cater to this group. However, many such readers are an important part of spreading the content of your blog, given that they spread such links to other people if they like the content. Further, you can place ads in these feeds and hope to make some money from these once you have enough people reading your feeds.
One way in which you can detect that such a problem exists is by adding a few backlinks in your RSS feed. People who manually copy the content can in some cases figure out that backlinks exist, and manually remove these links. Automated solutions have a very high probability of not determining these backlinks. The advantage of backlinks is that you will get a trackback onto your blog that will point to the copy blog. (Keep in mind that you will not derive any Page Rank benefit from these backlinks, as the other blog may not be in high standing with Google).

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