Protect your content: Report a spam blog to Google

The Google Search service provides a huge percentage of traffic to most sites, especially those of individuals. The position of a site in the Google search index is a big variable in the success or failure of a site, and the removal of a site from the Google index can reduce a site (especially spam blogs) to becoming almost useless. And this is one of the approaches you should take if a site is stealing your content. Again, as I have repeated earlier, it is almost impossible to really protect your content from being stolen, and what you should concentrate on is how to close down those sections of another site where your content is being used.
The Google site to report stolen content being hosted on another site is at this link. From the site:

Help us to make Blogger and Blog*Spot spam-free by reporting spam blogs below. Please submit each blog only once. While we don’t reply to individual reports, we will review every submission as soon as possible and take action as necessary.

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