Making content unique: Googlebot seems to be visiting more often

I was following a technique that I had read about in a few blogs, and which seemed a bit logical. I had the same dilemna, whereby the initial set of blogs were started on the Blogger platform, and then, after more research (and many months later), it became clear that after weighing the various pros and cons, there is more sense in moving the Blog onto WordPress. But, there is no clear way of moving the users, regular readers, and feed subscribers to the new blog. This is a problem that many people face, and a lot of blogs advocate a solution whereby content can be kept posted on both blogs for many months (while pointing to users to move to the WordPress blog). A few even suggested that they kept both blogs active, seeing nothing wrong.
And the initial greed was that only, after all, if there is no problem in keeping both blogs active, then why not ? It increases the possibility of either of the blogs appearing in the top search results, and this would result in greater hits, and hopefully greater revenue. Seems logical.
Well, as of a couple of weeks, I have given up that policy. I took the painful decision of deciding to drop some of my blogs (the Blogger versions) and concentrate on making sure that the posts are unique, and only found on the WordPress versions. And why did I do that ? Well, the blogs would show weird behavior with respect to Google search. Suddenly they would drop down in terms of total number of hits from Google search, dropping to a level that was only 10% of the previous one. And this happened multiple times even though the post frequency was around the same.
And then I read the posts on the Google FAQ and their blog where it was mentioned that if duplicate content is found, and it does not seem a question of somebody else copying from your blog, but more of a question of seeming fraud, where it looks like an attempt to manipulate search engine results ranking, then Google can take action. However, if you want to reverse this action, then just stop this behavior, and soon, things will be fine. And even though it is too early to say for sure, I am observing that the Googlebot makes more visit to my blog. Maybe this will have an implication on the actual number of visitors who find my content from Google Search.

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