Keep your blog safe – clean your comments of spam and junk comments

What does this mean ? Keeping your blog safe by removing junk comments ? Well, I have yet to find anybody who likes spam comments or junk comments on their blog. These comments could be in the nature of normal sounding comments (except that they will also have a promotion link to a website (and these cause the biggest problem since they seem to be legitimate comments), or comments that are not related to your post (and contain one or more links), or they could be outright junk that peddles all kind of products such as Viagra / Drugs free of prescriptions / Sell sexual products, etc.
There are people who don’t tolerate such comments on their blogs and use all sorts of spam-prevention methods, and there are others who let such matters go. So, if you have an account on Blogger, the default condition is to let people add comments to your blog, without your finding out about new comments unless you monitor your posts. One way to avoid this is to add a higher level of control, either by adding a Captcha in the comments page, or by restricting comments to those who have an OpenID.
Why should you remove such junk comments ? If you have such junk comments on your blog, there are problems:
– People who visit your blog are likely to be put off by such comments and you lose readers
– People will be less eager to forward the contents of your blog to other people
– Search engines are not comfortable with such content, and if such content is found on your blog, then your blog itself may get penalized
It does not take much time to setup a process of comment moderation, captcha, and other such methods of reducing comment spam, and deleting the ones that get through.

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