Have a Blogger account: Protect yourself from comment spam

Worpdress is a blogging platform that provides you the ability to extend its functionality through the use of its plugin. So, if you have a WordPress blog and want to fight the plague of comment spam, there are a number of plugins that you can use for this purpose. There is Akismet, Bad Behavior, Spam Karma 2, and other such plugins that give you the ability to block comment spam.
However, if you have a blog on Google’s Blogger platform, the ability to have such plugins is lost. There are widgets that allow extension of abilities, but the amount of flexibility you can get is reduced. For fighting Comment Spam on a Blogger blog, you need to look at the tools that Blogger itself provide. These are the following:
Controlling who can add comments: You can set such a policy on by Logging into the Blogger Dashboard, then going to Settings -> Comment, where you can select multiple options. You can select from the following:
1. Anyone – includes Anonymous Users
2. Registered Users – includes OpenID
3. Users with Google Accounts
4. Only members of this blog
These settings help control who all can comment on your blog. So if you feel that you are getting too many spam or junk comments on your blog, you can select that only Registered Users, or users with Google Accounts or even only Members of the Blog can add comments.

Further, you can even select to have comment moderation on your blogs by setting that option in the same page. You need to enter your email address, and then you can get an email whenever a new comment has been added to your blog.

Finally, you can enable a Captcha (also known as word verification)

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