Detecting plagiarism on your WordPress blog – using the Tracer tool

The previous post talked about using this tool if you have a Blog hosted on Google’s Blogger, but what if you have a WordPress account ? Well, this tool works for blogs running on WordPress, and numerous others (Ning network, Typepad, WebsiteWorks.com). It is fairly easy to add this to your WordPress blog, since WordPress has a plugin structure that easily allows the addition of more functionality. You can refer the following site (link) for installation instructions. Basically, this functionality requires adding code to the template, and just before the tag.
So, go for it. The code is setup to add a small link back to your site when they copy your content so that when they add the content to their site, the link gets added. This link will eventually get caught and you can then detect that your content is being coped elsewhere, and then you can take further action to remove the stolen content.

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