Adding your own copyright to your blog: Use the “Blog Copyright” plugin

Keeping the copyright updated on your blog can be a fairly hectic activity. if you update your copyright manually, then you can easily miss the copyright year updation as the years roll by. Even otherwise, there would be a query that you might have as to why you cannot just have a plugin that automatically updates the copyright years, or allows you to set a range for the copyright years. Well, that is possible using the “Blog Copyright” plugin at the following location.

From the site:

Blog Copyright is a WordPress plugin that displays a dated copyright mark. When displayed on general, category, search and author queries it provides a range of dates (first-last post years); on single posts, Pages and archive queries the year for the content will be used. Name, copyright term and reservation of rights text can be fully customized through tag parameters, or completely overridden with a custom field.
Blog Copyright is not so much a new plugin for me as a collection of code I’ve been using for a while, just now wrapped up in plugin clothing. So those who might be concerned I’m not driving on towards the finish line for a certain other project, rest assured this was little more than a pit stop.

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