Adding a Twitter button on your WordPress site – WP Follow Me

Having a Twitter strategy is something that is considered very important for the purpose of promotion of your blog and posts. Twitter is a great new way to get your posts out to a larger audience, and is a relatively pain-free of promotion. It is this pain-free method that is part of the focus of this post.
With Twitter, you can take the post you want to promote via Twitter, and take the old fashioned way of logging into your Twitter account, and then posting it manually. This involves a certain amount of overhead, and there must be a relatively easy way to publish it directly from your WordPress blog.
Well, yes, there is. WordPress plugins can do a lot of stuff, so why not do the Twitter publishing thing. Here is a plugin that allows you to have the painless way of publishing your posts directly to Twitter – the Plugin is called “WP Follow Me” (link to site). What do you need before you can proceed ?
You just need to have an account on Twitter.
Once you get the plugin, it creates a Badge on your WordPress Blog (with the color of the badge being customisable). There is a screenshot along with more instructions available on this page (link).

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