What you should not do when trying to promote your blog

When you start writing a blog, there are several steps you would want to take to ensure that your blog gets popular soon, and that more people visit your blog over a period of time. You can search the internet, and find a number of ways that promise to ensure that your blog / site […]

Adding your own copyright to your blog: Use the “Blog Copyright” plugin

Keeping the copyright updated on your blog can be a fairly hectic activity. if you update your copyright manually, then you can easily miss the copyright year updation as the years roll by. Even otherwise, there would be a query that you might have as to why you cannot just have a plugin that automatically […]

Detecting plagiarism on your WordPress blog – using the Tracer tool

The previous post talked about using this tool if you have a Blog hosted on Google’s Blogger, but what if you have a WordPress account ? Well, this tool works for blogs running on WordPress, and numerous others (Ning network, Typepad, WebsiteWorks.com). It is fairly easy to add this to your WordPress blog, since WordPress […]

Protect your Blogger post – Use Tracer to add your own link back to the copied content

It remains difficult to protect your content. You can take measures such as adding a Javascript that will prevent people from being able to right-click, or which will prevent people from being able to select content from your blog, but there are ways around that. Such controls do prevent some people from being able to […]