You find your site content copied, and available on another site. What next ?

For those of you who fight plagiarism, the path to detecting and fighting those who have copied your content is not easy in many cases. Consider the following situation:
– You write some great content, and are excited that maybe many of such posts will get you promoted to a higher position in the Google search result
– You suddenly find that your good, exclusive content is available on another blog (don’t get surprised, people can actually copy your content no matter what you do)
– You find that multiple sites have copied your content
– You want to start the first step of contacting the blog owner or admin and telling them not to copy your blog’s content without permission
– And then you find out that the other blog does not provide any contact information for the blog’s owners or admin
Now what do you do ? Well, fret not. One solution is to use Whois tools (there are multiple sites providing Whois information – consider using this one ‘http://www.domaintools.com/‘). Once you get to this tool, enter the host name in the domain search, and move to the bottom where contact information will be entered. and then send an email to the emails mentioned in those contacts.

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