WordPress Plugin: Digital Fingerprint – How to identify a splog that is copying from your blog

One of the biggest problems facing Bloggers is the proliferation of copycat blogs. You post some rich content, the work of lots of effort, research, and something you really like, and suddenly it is being copied and posted onto other blogs without a credit (and for a normal reader, it would seem that the other blog is the creator of that content). And since you made your content available on the web, it is very very hard to prevent somebody from copying your content. You can try using some solutions that will put off some automated tools, and other solutions will thwart people who are less able, but it is impossible to prevent your blog from getting copied (even though you own the copyright to your content, the legal process for shutting down another blog can take time).
What you need to do is to find out quickly who all are copying your blogs so that you can take action geared towards warning these sites, and preventing them from copying your content. There are many tools / plugins that can do this, and one of these solutions is a WordPress Plugin called ‘Digital Fingerprint’ (available at this site):
From the site:

This plugin helps blog owners stay vigilant against unauthorized content use by the overwhelming majority of blogs that are splogs. To combat splogs use of your content, this plugin will place a digital fingerprint, customized and tailored by each individual user of this plugin, into blog posts. The fingerprint is only visible in the RSS feed, not on the website itself. For example, already I have included my fingerprint in this post and unless you are reading this in an RSS reader, you haven’t seen it.
Once embedded in your post, the plugin allows you to quickly and easily search the blogosphere for references to the digital fingerprint using Google Blogsearch, BlogPulse, and Sphere (see the admin screenshot, above). It also allows the quick and easy search for your digital fingerprint of the web itself using Google, Yahoo!, and MSN.

You should refer to the site above, read the steps, and use the plugin; it can be real helpful in your effort to prevent people from copying your blog and going scot-free.

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