Stop Plagiarism: Using JavaScript to prevent your content from being copied

Let me start out right away by stating that I really don’t prefer using a method such as JavaScript to prevent my content from being copied. Why not ? After all, it is a pretty simple way to prevent people from getting at my content and copying it. And it is fairly simple to go onto the internet and find a large number of free Javascript snippets that will disable people from being to right-click inside your blogs, and hence not able to copy the content.
Well, here are some problems with this approach.
1. It will stop only novice users. People who have RSS in the case of blogs that provide a complete RSS feed will get the entire content already.
2. Also, when an internet page gets loaded onto a browser, it is already sitting on the user machine, and can be copied from the cache.
3. It can create resentment pretty fast. For somebody wanting to just take a small section of your blog and use it as fair use, or for sending in an email, or even for attribution, it can get annoying.
4. It does not work on all browsers, and if Javascript is turned off, there goes the support.
5. If there is a browser where the Javascript rendering engine is faulty, it can cause some vague errors that the reader will have no idea as to what this means.

In short, use it if you feel that a rudimentary protection scheme is useful, but understand that it will irritate some users, and for the serious copier, it will not be a block.

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