Putting your content in multiple blogs – not worth it

I thought I was smart, but Google is smarter than I am. I run multiple blogs on different topics and at some point decided to get smart. I wanted to make a content aggregator blog, a place where I would also post the topics that I posted in the individual blogs. The different posts were not too related, so the aggregator blog may not get enough readership, but the thought was that it would, over a period of time, get enough hits from search engines for these different topics to make it worthwhile.
It seemed like a good idea, but it was just not working out. The blogs themselves, as well as the aggregator blog would not generate readership or search engine results commensurate with the amount of content. I did more research, and also read this article (link). One of the important understanding from the evaluation of the Google posts on duplicate content was that Google really does not like people to put the same content on multiple domains, and could easily treat this as a way to outsmart the system and try to generate more search engine results, a behavior that Google does not like.
Once I read this, I got smart. Now, individual posts go to their respective blogs and I have stopped putting these content onto the aggregator blog (I will figure out a solution for that blog in a different way). Maybe this will finally help to remove the penalty on my blogs.

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