Prevent plagiarism: Add a legal warning to the blog

For the past few posts, I have been trying to identify some measures that can be taken to try and prevent ongoing plagiarism of a blog. In short, the workflow of plagiarism and the steps that need to be taken are:
1. Detect whether your blog has been copied. You can do this by:
– Searching in search engines for specific strings from your content
– Detecting content copying through Google Alerts
– Using tools such as CopyScape
2. Once you detect any such plagiarism, then you can take the following steps
– Write to the owner of the blog to ask that this plagiarism be ended
– Leave comments in the blog to similar effect
– If no comment, highlight to the host of the blog about this copyright
– If the other blog is added to Adsense, then highlight this content copying
– Take futher legal actions

However, there is a simple step that you can take that will atleast warn off a number of people who get scared of legal implications, and that step is to add a statement to your blog that you do not tolerate your blog being copied, and you will take whatever legal action is required. Add one or two examples from other blogs where they have taken such steps.

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