Migrating from a blog hosted on Blogger to your own domain

It’s a common occurrence; people start out with a blog that runs on a free service such as Blogger or WordPress.com, and then over a time develop a readership and a Good Page Rank. At some point during this process, the person running the blog realizes that maybe it was a mistake starting the blog on a shared domain (or a free service). It does not look professional, there are limitations on what you can do and the services you can launch, but you are stuck. Moving onto a new domain will mean that you lose your existing readers, you lose your Google Page Rank (and if you have a Page Rank that is greater than 4, there is no greater fear of a blogger than having to lose that Page Rank).
An easy solution could be to put a link on top to the new domain, but that really does not work. The Page Rank is not tranferred, and the readership does drop. So, what is required is a way that the blog can be moved over to your own private domain (hosted on some common hosting company), without losing these items. I was reading a post (link to this post)

But this year, I tried a little different approach and it worked – now Digital Inspiration is located at www.labnol.org and there’s no dip in search rankings, organic site traffic and the RSS subscriber count. Here’s that very secret recipe explained in 10 easy steps:

The author does not have complete success, in the sense that the Blogger / Blogspot blog still generates more visits than the WordPress blog, but it is getting closer, and there are many seeming advantages to having a WordPress account. Read the linked post, and see whether you want to go down that path.

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