Make it harder to copy, set the RSS feed to provide only a summary

Let’s start with a simple statement: It is impossible to prevent somebody copying from your blog. I was once set a challenge by somebody that an online exam result cannot be copied. The site where the exam result was posted had set the result to be opened in a new page without any title, with right-click disabled by JavaScript, and many other protective measures. Many of those worked, but I was finally able to get the content by looking at the Internet Explorer Cache folder. This was just an example of how you cannot prevent a determined person from getting your content. What you need to do is to make it more difficult to get (since that will prevent many of the less-technically equipped people from leeching your content); and you need to focus on identifying people who have stolen your content, and focus on them removing this content.
Now, let’s talk about your RSS feed. An RSS feed has many advantages, since RSS provides an easy way to implement the logistics of building up readership on your blog. If you didn’t have RSS, you would have to build an alternate system that would allow people to easily subscribe, that would notify them when you have added new content to your blog, and that would also allow this content to be easily viewed on many different feed readers.
However, the RSS feed also provides the same advantages to somebody wanting to copy your blog. Normally, when you configure your RSS feed, you get 2 options – you can either just deliver a summary of the RSS feed, or deliver the entire contents of the blog. Hence, if you are more concerned about another blog leeching your contents (and if your blog occurs in search engines lower than the other blog), then define your RSS to deliver just a summary of the content. Poeple will get a link to come see the full content.

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