Great article on copyright steps you should take

For the last several posts, I have been focusing on how to prevent copyright theft (essentially when somebody either manually or automatically copies your content and then posts it on their blog). It is something that is not pleasant to watch. I had this happen to me a couple of times:

– Once when I discovered that another site was copying my content totally (an email to a couple of email addresses such as admin@, webmaster@, and so on managed to stop this copying without an actual response from the other side.
– Another time I had an email from another site owner where he wanted permission to take my content. It was polite, but when I looked at the other site, it had copied content from many sites with just a credit at the end. I suggested that the other person could just copy a paragraph, but I did not get any response after that. That ended that particular discussion.

I realized that I needed to do more research in this area, and came up with this article (link to article) that enumerates some steps that one should take. The site recommends steps such as adding a copyright notice in your blog, add a section about how to license your content, and then use tools such as third party tools, and others such as Google Alerts to actually detect whether your content is being used elsewhere.
The first few steps will not stop anyone from actually using your content, but to a person with even a certain amount of ethics, it will cause them to pause and reflect.

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