Detecting plagiarism of your blogs – Use the Copy Tracker service (free)

In the last few posts, I have been concentrating on figuring out some of the tools you can use to stop plagiarism of your precious posts. After all, when you have written some great stuff, the last thing you would want is for somebody to copy your content without letting you know, and then posting it as their own. And if this site is a site that comes in search engines before your blog does, then you also end up losing traffic when somebody searches for that context. That will certainly pain you; however, it is not very easy to stop somebody from copying your content; what you should be focusing on is how to detect when somebody has copied your content.
There are many tools that you can use for this process, including the simplest available option of searching for a somewhat unique term from your post in Google search, or configuring Google Alerts for finding content very similar to yours. In addition, there are other tools that also help you find content that has been copied from your blog, and posted on another blog. One such free online tool is called CopyScape (link to site).
The usage is simple, just enter the URL related to the blog which you suspect has been copied, and the tool will find searches.
Once you find such blogs elsewhere on the net which seem to have copied your content, you can take the various actions that you would take in order to get the offending sites to remove your content.

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